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Skin Analysis Consultation

We believe that understanding your skin is the best basis to use when helping you achieve your skin goals. We use science to guide individualized treatment plans made specifically for your skin so you may achieve the goal of “love the skin you’re in” we have for every one of our clients.

It is essential to see what is going on deep under the skin in order to make the correct treatment plan and product choices. Some individuals may have very high inflammatory markers and could be using completely incorrect ingredients, further adding to the concern. Another analysis may show low moisture levels which will indicate more probability to wrinkling in the future. Lastly but very importantly is that a high melanin reading may indicate more pigmentation problems such as sunspots, solar keratosis and possibly even some types of skin cancers in the future.

Cosmetic skin concerns are really all about maintenance and start with what your everyday routines. The number 1 cause of skin aging and precursor for many cosmetic skin concerns start from UV radiation. A good start is to use SPF sun protection daily, followed by the correct cosmeceutical ingredients tailored for the individual’s concerns.

Skin analysis informs these everyday routines and helps you establish a healthy and balanced approach to keep you skin healthy based on a scientific foundation (in stead of marketing and promotional targeting strategies by cosmeceutical companies)

We use the API100 Skin Analazer from AramHuvis, designed and manufactured in Germany and distributed by a global champion for distributing skin and hair analysis devices.  The AramHuvis API100 Skin Analyzer uses a 5M sensor, 8 LED lights, and advanced 1000x magnification photos to observe 7 key points in the skin. – Moisture / Sebum / Pore / Melanin / Cleanliness of Pore / Wrinkle / Sensitivity.

Initial Consultation:

We believe in this approach so strongly we offer this service complimentary.


*Any advice and reports are gratis and provided free of charge. Our dermal therapist will recommend evidence based treatments in line with our core principles.

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