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DermaSurg offers patients an evidence-based, modern approach to skin cancer and general dermatology management, with a strong emphasis on ensuring an exceptional quality of care. We are committed to a patient-centred model of care.

Our doctors are Fellows of the Australian Institute of Dermatology and the Skin Cancer Institute.

Successful, permanent skin health improvement requires ongoing lifestyle changes, and we respect the significant role that a patient’s GP plays in their health journey. It is important for us to work in partnership with your GP to ensure positive long-term outcomes and we are always happy to communicate with your GP about results and treatment plans.

We offer the following skin care services

Skin checks, dermoscopy, mole mapping, skin biopsies, treatment of precancerous skin sun damage, photodynamic therapy, non-surgical treatments for skin cancers, advanced surgical expertise, removal of benign lesions for cosmetic improvement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

-- Everything you wanted to know about our services

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Anyone can be at risk of developing skin cancer, though the risk increases as you get older. It is important that you check your skin regularly. A yearly skin check is generally recommended for most Queenslanders, particularly given the high rate of skin cancers in our state. If you have a history of skin cancer you may require more regular skin checks. We will discuss a recommended frequency with you during your skin check visit. For example, six monthly skin checks are recommended after being diagnosed with an early melanoma (level or stage 1).

A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Dermatology is a doctor who has attended medical school and undertaken at least three years of postgraduate training in diseases of the skin. Most Fellows completed training programs in other specialties such as emergency medicine or general practice prior commencing postgraduate education in dermatology. The comprehensive training program covers all aspects of medical dermatology, dermatoscopy, dermatopathology, skin cancer, cosmetic dermatology, and procedural dermatology. On completion of the fellowship examination, trainees become ‘Fellows’ of the Australian Institute of Dermatology.

We are a primary care dermatology service, so you do not need a referral to our clinic, yet we value communication with your general practitioner and will inform any referring doctor or health professional of the outcome of your consultation.

We welcome all referrals from general practitioners, specialist colleagues, dentists, allied health professionals, and alternative health professionals.

Bring your list of concerns, and any photos you have of moles that you think may be changing.

Wear something comfortable, that is easy to change out of during your exam. Many people feel most comfortable dressing in their swim wear (two piece for females), and we encourage this, as we want you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit to DermaSurg.

Please remove all makeup (especially foundation or coloured concealer) prior to your examination to allow for thorough examination of your face. We have an area where you can re-apply before you leave the clinic.

If you are not yet registered with Medicare for online rebates, please bring your banking details (BSB and account number) and we can easily set it up for you so you are eligible for online rebates (which are typically processed overnight so you do not have to wait long for your refund).

An skin check for skin cancer screening is typically 20 minutes in duration and will normally include any mole mapping or biopsies indicated by the examination. Treatment plans will be initiated if appropriate and your condition and findings will be discussed in detail.

An initial consultation for clinical dermatology concerns will be 30 minutes in duration to allow for detailed evaluation and skin assessment as indicated. A follow up appointment might last around 15 minutes. Surgical appoint time is determined by the complexity of the procedure, yet most procedures will be completed within 1 hour.

Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by Medicare or private health insurance, and will incur a separate fee. Our doctors and staff will explain in more detail prior to starting any treatment.

Here is a good overview of all our skin and cosmetic services: overview of services

Fees overview

-- Fees as of March 5, 2022

Short answer – No. We do not offer bulk billing as we do not believe it offers the value you deserve. Our fees allow our doctors to have the time to offer excellent service. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and care without compromise.

Concessions and reduced fees may be offered in some instances for pensioners and health care card holders. Please do not expect this.

DVA Gold Card holders and some White Card holders may be offered a concession or on occasion incur no direct costs (at the discretion of the treating doctor).

DermaSurg is a private billing clinic and most patients incur an out of pocket gap payment above the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Our fees are partially rebated by Medicare and overseas health insurances. By law, private health insurance does not cover medical fees incurred in any out-of-hospital setting.

Additional fees apply when procedures, including additional biopsies for pathology investigation, are performed. We aim to be completely transparent in our pricing and will keep you fully aware of any costs prior to any surgical or medical procedures. Please ask our friendly staff to explain in more detail.

Payment in full can be made at the time of your consultation. Fees can be paid by EFTPOS, BPAY, or credit card. We are a cashless premise.

For your convenience we can process Medicare claims online to facilitate the prompt refunding of your rebate (you need to be registered with Medicare for online claiming for us to facilitate this).

Skin cancer check (*Includes any “mole mapping” or body photography required to analyse for abnormalities or change in moles):

  • $125 (Medicare rebate $41.20)


Clinical dermatology consultation or referral (Includes any body photography or skin analysis required to diagnose your skin condition):

  • Initial consult:           $230 (Medicare rebate $79.70)*
  • Follow up consult:   $100-125 (Medicare rebate $41.20)

*comparative cost for a dermatologist consultation on the Sunshine Coast: $350-370 (Medicare rebate $76.80 with a valid referral)


Cosmetic consultation

  • $100* offset against any procedures or products

Skin Biopsies (may sometimes be indicated to investigate suspicious moles or skin lesions):

  • $110 (Medicare rebate $46.95)*

*additional biopsies are billed at a reduced fee


Skin Surgery Fees: Skin cancer, melanoma, or skin lesion excision fees are determined by several factors including the area of the body, the size of the lesion, and the complexity of the procedure needed to close the surgical wound or defect. Should you require any surgical procedures our team will provide you with a detailed quotation prior to booking your appointment.

  • Typical out of pocket gaps may vary from $150 – $500 (e.g., $300 with $150 out of pocket cost)*

*The Medicare rebate for any procedure is usually equal or greater than 50% of the surgical fee.

Phototherapy (light therapy)

  • $60-80 per session (Medicare rebates may apply in some situations)


Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

  • $450 – 650 per treatment*

*Some treatment aspects may be covered by private health funds (if medication cover included)


Anti-wrinkle injections

  • Xeomin® $12.99 per unit (typically 20-32 units per treatment per area)


Microneedling (‘collagen induction therapy’)

  • $350 – $500 per session depending on area treated (e.g., face, neck, chest or combined areas)*

*Follow up treatments (when needed) performed at discounted rate.

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