Quality of skin checks matter – choose an accredited expert

Every day, over 2000 people in Australia are treated for skin cancer and two out of every three people will be diagnosed with a skin cancer by the age of 70.
Yet many Australians are unaware of the value of an accredited skin cancer expert who has completed significant additional study and passed rigorous assessment in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of skin cancer.
There are many “skin cancer clinics” and corporate skin cancer chains. This does not guarantee an accredited doctor.
Choosing an accredited expert ensures you receive best-practice diagnosis and treatment by an expert in special examination, eliminating unnecessary biopsies, effective skin cancer surgery with minimal scarring and knowledge of alternatives to surgery.
So, who is an accredited expert?
Dermatologists are accredited specialists in this field, along with Fellows of the Australian Institute of Dermatology.
Accreditation is also available though the Skin Cancer Institute and Skin Cancer College Australasia.
Choose wisely! Your skin will thank you for it.